Wie kann ich meine Website ohne Unterbrechnung nach all2all umziehen?


Moving your website requires some planning.
You will have to ensure that your old hosting contract overlaps your hosting contract at All2all with a minimum of 2 days.
This is due to the fact that a DNS update can take up to 2 days.

Order your hosting package

First you have to order webspace on our network.
You can do this through our website. Choose the hosting package that fits you. Next, you can place your order.
From the moment we have received a proof of payment, we create your webspace and send you the access codes of your new hosting space by mail.

Freeze changes and copy your website

Now fix a timeframe during which you will not make any changes to your website. This period should last till 2 days after your changes of the DNS parameters.
Once you enter the timeframe, copy your website to your hosting space on our network. You can do this through an ftp program. We can provide you a temporary domain name so you can test the functionality of your website on our network. This name is of the form <domainname without extension> When you want this option enabled, please indicate it on the "comment" form field of your order.

Adaptation of the DNS parameters

Once you have tested your website successfully, you can adapt the DNS parameters for your website. These parameters enable a visitor to arrive at your site once he has entered the name of your website in his browser.
It is standard to enter the All2all DNS servers as domain name servers : Once the DNS parameters are adapted, all requests for your website will be sent to your hosting space on our network.
However, cause all DNS servers on the internet need to be informed of the update, this can take up to 2 days. That is the reason why you old contract should overlap your new contract for 2 days.


Your website is now accessible for everybody.
All2all provides the following tools to administer your hosting space :