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Dedicated server build-to-order

technical details
System installationpersonalized with security and setup audit
Accessroot via SSH + web panel
Alternative accessvia console port management
Physical rebootremote via E-Powerswitch
Premium support optional
Backupoptional (full user backup control)
HardwareServer construction made to mesure (precise quotation)
Monthly flat ratecolocation 1U + connection = 75 €/month (+ server purchase)
More detailsSee the comparison of specificiations


The build-to-order hardware solution offers you the best price/quality relationship. It is addressed to organisations or companies who develop an important part of their activity on the Internet and who want to profit from a reliable, performing and evolving working environment. The all2all team helps you to select the components which are best suited to run your application with a maximum of security. It points you out the different technical possibilities and orients you towards the best solution corresponding to your budget. Before putting the system online, a system operator meets with you and tests with you the different services from your desktop. This setup audit permits to verify that all engagements defined in the contract are respected and establishes a personal contact with the person who will administer the system.

Price/month: starting at 75 € (90,75 € vat incl.)

Read more on High Availability and Iptakeover in our Glossary


A dedicated web server essentially implies a server that can be used solely by one organization and its partners. all2all offers build-to-order hot-swap server systems corresponding to a high level of requirement at a very competitive price. The all2all team assembles and configures all types of dedicated server systems, ranging from very simple and compact servers to highly complex systems which satisfy special demands in terms of high availability (you need at least 2 server systems to run a high availability service), load balancing or clustering.

The purchase of a server system has the following advantages over renting:

  • a large choice of high quality hardware components
  • the hardware is specifically adapted to the use of the server
  • the hardware configuration can easily be upgraded to respond to higher load (more RAM, more discs, etc.)
  • the server purchase can be written off from tax
  • possibility to lease the server system
  • better longterm quality/price relation
  • possibility for special Service Level Agreement (SLA), contrats 99 to 99.99% on network uptime
  • client can easily carry away his data on one physical server (no provider dependency)

For a personalized offer please contact our sales service.